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Citadelle Gin - Moonshine Spirts

Citadelle Gin

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Size: 750ml
Strength: 88 proof (44% ABV)
Origin: France
State of Distillation / Aging: triple-distilled from wheat and spring water in copper pot stills

Aroma/Tasting Notes

Scent of fresh flowers like jasmine, honeysuckle and of course some juniper berries.

Entry of Anise, citrus and cinnamon with a touch of pepper, juniper is still present.


The 19 aromatics that make up Citadelle are infused, according to their profile, between one and four days – a crucial time so that Citadelle can acquire its distinguished profile. Citadelle has won more than 60 medals, among them “Spirit of the Year” at the 2017 World

Spirit Awards as well as “World’s Best Gin” and “Gin Grand Master” in London. Its bottle hasn’t escaped attention either; it was awarded a gold medal at the Spirits Design Master 2017.