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Moonshine Spirits brings Sustainable Technology to Cambodia

Starting back in August 2021, ecoSPIRITS announced  that it signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for Cambodia with a new joint venture company, eS Operator Cambodia, formed by Moonshine Spirits, a leading local craft spirits importer and distributor in Phnom Penh.

In January 2022, the new Licensed Operator partnership brought low-waste spirits service to a market that is a vibrant tourist destination with rich culture and history as it begin to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since, the team at Moonshine Spirits has created over 50+ F&B partnerships across Phnom Penh.


Home to just over 16 million people, Cambodia is a Southeast Asian market renowned for its lush landscapes and historical and cultural sites. Spanning the Mekong Delta, low-lying coastal plains, rainforest-clad mountains and the Gulf of Thailand coastline, Cambodia has developed rapidly in recent years as a popular destination for luxury and ecotourism. As a result, premium spirits, waste reduction and sustainable innovation are a natural fit for many of the country’s leading hospitality operators.


In recent years, the national government has also taken meaningful steps to fight climate change, including committing to 2030 carbon emissions reductions targets under the United Nations framework and to developing a national strategy for a longer-term journey to Net Zero.

Cheers to sustainability in Cambodia!